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The Lost Prince Review!

The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa

Alrighty everyone and welcome to my first books review on this website! So excited to talk, or type, about this book!


When I finish a book I tend to get into a mood and want to tell everyone about that book and fangirl/have feels about everything in it. Let me tell you, I have it really bad with this book! 


**Spoilers will be contained throughout the rest of this review. Beware **


Last year i started to read the Iron Fey. It wasn't until March or April of this year that I finished the series. It wasn't for a while that I even knew about the sequel series: The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten. When I found out I was so ecstatic....until I learned it wasn't about Megan and Ash and Puck or even Grim. was about Ethan. 


Don't get me wrong...after reading this book I LOVE ETHAN. But at the time I didn't want to read about Megan's tormented-by-fey brother. I just wanted Megan and Ash and 
Puck and Grim and for them to go on adventures and save the fey and whatnot. 


And then...I cheated. I found out that Megan and Ash's son, Keirran was in the books and I desperately wanted to read them! Because I knew if Keirran was in it Megan and Ash couldn't be far behind. And Puck and Grim always find a way to get involved with everything so I presumed they would be in it too. 


By the time I finally got around to getting a copy of the Lost Prince...and it was an ebook BECAUSE I COULD NOT FIND IT ANYWHERE...I was dying to read it. 


I think I read half of it in one night XD And then...I don't know what happened. I couldn't bring myself to finish it...until I did last night and today...


Now onto the really review part of the review XD Sorry for rambling! 


At first...I'm sorry but I really didn't care about Ethan. I was like 'hurry up and get to part where Megan and Ash come in.' And then I was searching every line for parts relating to the Iron Fey series XD 


And the came the end of Chapter Nine and guess who shows up...I just knew it was going to be him or was Grim! I was so excited :D 


Sadly, Grim left Ethan and Kenzie soon after, like he always does. But I still enjoyed the few pages he was around. I nearly died when he said "I am a cat." I love that line XD 


Anyway fast foward to the Iron Realm and when the two are just walking up and they see that iron fey fighting. I knew it was Keirran! And I was right too! 


And then...when Ethan tries to leave or something and Ash just melts out of the shadows...asdfghjkl; I was about ready to die. My baby! MY ASH!! God, I just love him!!


I wish we would have seen more of him in this book...Maybe in the Iron Traitor? 


Fast foward...Keirran helps Ethan and Kenzie escape...*bangs head* welp...that is the start of the stupid prophecy in the Iron Prophecy that Keirran is basically going to destory the fey or whatever. 


And when I think about it...this family makes no sense..age wise XD I mean they're like all the same age. Wouldn't it be weird to be the same age as your parents? I mean it's awesome too because Ash still gets to be hot ice-boy and everything but still XD


Onwards! When Puck randomly pops in for like half a chapter XD Oh Puck...I love you! And then he was gone and I felt like a piece of my soul was missing. But he came back it's okay. 


Blah..blah...blah..flash foward to the end of the book! Ethan and Keirran and Kenzie and Annwyl escape and stuff...BUT GOD KEIRRAN WHY DID YOU MAKE THAT FREAKEN DEAL? THAT IS WHAT IS GOING TO BE THE CAUSE OF THE FREAKEN PROPHECY COMING TRUE!!


But..but..but..ASH AND PUCK WERE THERE!! ASH AND PUCK WERE THERE!!! i've missed those two together. I want to see more of them!! 


And now...I have the Iron Traitor and I've started it...I think I'm on page 15 or something..but all I keep hearing from it is cliffhanger...cliffhanger...cliffhanger..and I don't know how to deal with that considering I have no clue when the next book is coming out! 


Okay...this has been my book review of the Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa! 


Thanks for reading and please leave a comment! 

"He moved like darkness itself, silent and smooth, dressed all in black, his eyes, his eyes glittering silver as he block my exit...
'Get. The hell. Out of my way, Ash.'"

Julie Kagawa - The Lost Prince

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